Interactive Workshop: Intercultural Competence - Successfully Working with US-Americans
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04/28/2021 · 08:00 AM
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04/28/2021 · 10:00 AM
GACC Midwest

Take part in this interactive workshop on April 28, 2021 and learn about the topic of Intercultural Competence - Successfully Working with US-Americans.

Interactive Workshop

Intercultural Competence - Successfully Working with US-Americans

The German and US-American culture are often perceived as similar - a trap that can lead to conflict and miscommunication. Intercultural competence plays a very important role that helps with an effective US market and efficient collaboration. In this two-hour workshop you learn about the biggest differences and how they affect the workplace. Together we conduct specific exercises and provide you with methods and tools that are essential for the development of your intercultural competence.

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Jessica Ferklass, Deputy Director of Consulting Services, GACC Midwest
Leila Schmidt, Assistant Manager of Communications and Intercultural Training, GACC Midwest


About GACC Midwest

GACC Midwest provides German companies with market entry support, business development and a large professional German-American member network in the US. We are your reliable partner to foster connections between German and US businesses and to support growth among key industries such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, medical, F&B and beyond. 

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