US Market Entry Bootcamp

This workshop is an intensive training that equips German-based companies with the tools they need for successful entry into the US market.

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Ready to expand your company’s horizon? Want to reach a new target audience but need support? Join our US Market Entry Bootcamp!

With our renowned subject matter experts you will not only master the US tax system, transatlantic logistics and sales strategies in the digital age. You will also be proficient in US business culture and communication and will use intercultural competence as a means to success.


  • Participate in interactive presentations by subject matter experts across a range of crucial topics for your market entry
  • Have 30-minute one-on-one consultation sessions between these experts and your company employees to receive tips and insights
  • Receive a comprehensive US market entry guidebook which will provide you with the tools to create a comprehensive Market Entry Business Plan

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June 10-13: Virtual

This virtual workshop is an intensive, 4-day virtual training that will equip German-based companies with the tools they need for a successful entry into the US market.

The bootcamp will take place daily from 7 a.m.-12 p.m. US Central Time Monday, June 10 - Thursday, June 13. Presentations are from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., followed by optional individual meetings with the experts.

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September 17-19: Reutlingen

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September 25-27: Düsseldorf

The US Market Entry Bootcamp is a 3-day seminar on the US market and provides companies with the necessary expert knowledge for a successful market entry into the USA. The seminar will take place at the IHK Düsseldorf for the first time in September 2024.

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Topics Covered in the US Market Entry Bootcamp:

  • Incorporation and legal aspects of US business
  • Sales structures and strategies in the digital age
  • Mastering taxes in the USA
  • Insurance - product liability and insurance coverage in the USA
  • Labor law in the USA
  • Successful recruitment in the US market
  • Financing of investments in the US
  • Logistical handling - import/export, supply chains and warehousing
  • Marketing strategy in the US
  • Visas for posting German employees in the US
  • Culture and strategy
  • Business account & other aspects of US banking
  • Site selection in the US

Language: The event will be held in German, and written resources will be provided in German. 

Although I have already lived in the USA for ten years, these 3 days of US Market Entry Bootcamp in Dresden have brought me and our company an incredible amount of new information and insights in and about the USA. We will be able to set up our company in the USA much faster, cheaper and more efficiently. All relevant topics for the foundation in the USA were explained fundamentally and comprehensively by experts. The additional benefit came from the fact that the lecturers were Germans who have been living in the USA for years and could therefore understand our problems very well and address solutions. Our recommendation is clear, whoever wants to start a business in the USA should use the service of the German American Chambre of Commerce.
Juergen Helmle JHCCH GmbH