Market Research USA

GACC Midwest provides German companies with thorough research and information about the US market to support their successful market entry into the USA.

Success in the US through Market Knowledge

Specific market knowledge is essential for German companies to successfully enter the US market. GACC Midwest provides your company with customized market studies containing current and relevant market information from US experts.

The US is roughly 25 times larger than Germany, and there are significant differences in demand, competition, consumer behavior and sales between the two countries. To minimize the risk of a failed investment, a thorough analysis of the US market is essential before entering or expanding in the US. This preparatory step includes both an overview of competitors as well as specifics about your respective industry in the market. GACC Midwest's market research provides German companies with detailled information about opportunities and guidelines for customized stratgies to prepare your successful market entry in the US.

GACC Midwest Provides Insights into the US Market

Our market analysis delivers robust information about market size, developments, competitors, supply and demand structures as well as US-specific product requirements. This data equips your company with the means to position your business successfully in the US. 

GACC Midwest defines goals and processes in close cooperation with your team. Prior to our research, we jointly decide upon timelines and provide you with intermediary reports throughout the process. Our market studies can include the following components:

  • data research
  • surveys, store check, focus groups 
  • complex studies with multiple categories 

Our bilingual team with extensive market knowledge is looking forward to support you with market research in the US. 
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The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest has conducted a market research on our behalf and evaluated our target industries as well as current market trends. Based on the trends and a detailed list of potential partners and users, we will continue to expand our US activities.
Dr. Holger Müller CEO, BlueSens gas sensor GmbH