Connection Series

  • Behind-the Scenes Visit to Herrmann Ultrasonics

Rethink the Value of Networking with GACC Midwest

Our Connection Series rethinks the value of networking by offering participants the chance to benefit from the expertise within the German American business community.

We’ve expanded our events in Illinois and Michigan to include networking and behind-the-scenese opportunities with member companies featuring high-profile speakers, special guests, and companies eager to share their knowledge. Learn something new to benefit you and your company, and make new connections while you're at it. 

The Connection series offers unique value to all attending, championing transatlantic business in its purest form!

What makes the Connection Series special?

  • Learning from high-profile special guests and getting to know potential business partners
  • Exploring attractive locations around the Midwest, including going behind the scenes at our member companies
  • Seizing opportunities for both small talk and in-depth discussions

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Previous Connection Series Events

Miele, Inc. | Illinois

“I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to speak to the group and meet everyone. It was pleasure to be part of this. Thank you!” - Jared Costa, Director of National Sales & Product Training, Miele USA

KUKA Robotics Corp. | Michigan

Speaker: Ed Volcic, Chief Technology Officer - North America

HARIBO | Illinois

Speakers: Rick LaBerge, EVP & CCO; Hakan Zor, EVP & COO; Wes Saber, EVP & CFO


Speaker: 'Billy' Buck, Vice President of Culinary, Rational USA

Freudenberg | Michigan

Speaker: Sarah O'Hare, Global Head of Human Resources, Freudenberg President and Regional Representative, Freudenberg NA

TRUMPF Smart Factory | Illinois

Speaker: Bob Leahy, Operations Manager at TRUMPF Smart Factory

ATEQ Corp. | Michigan

Speaker: Davy Leboucher, CEO - ATEQ North America

Keynote: Transform Employees Into Brand Advocates | Illinois

Speaker: Joe Quitoni, Founder & CEO, Unify|Align

Fraunhofer USA | Michigan

Speaker: Elliott Sprehe, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager - Fraunhofer USA

Herrmann Ultrasonics | Illinois

Speaker Uwe Peregi, President/CEO - Herrman Ultrasonics

SW North America | Michigan

Speaker: Mark Reichenbacher, President/CEO - SW North America

Join us in Illinois

March 6 | HARIBO

Join us to get a peek behind the scenes of the world's number one gummi brand, HARIBO.

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May 8 | Miele, Inc.

Join us for an opportunity to explore Miele's innovation journey in becoming the world's leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances.

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September 4 | Plasmatreat USA, Inc.

Inside Plasmatreat USA – How a hidden champion in the industrial surface treatment navigates North American business through volatile times.

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November 6 | Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.

Join us behind the scenes of Kuehne + Nagel Inc. and find out more about how they expanded their freight business and became a worldwide logistics partner for 400,000 customers worldwide. 

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Join us in Michigan

March 20 | KUKA Robotics Corp.

Navigating the Future: Automation Across Sectors

Industries across the globe are increasingly adopting robotics and automation to improve their productivity, efficiency, and quality of work. Go behind-the-scenes at KUKA Robotics Corp. and gain industry insights.

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June 12 | EMO Trans

Navigating Global Business: Mastering Risk Management Strategies for Sustainable Success

Supply chains touch every facet of our daily lives, but we rarely stop to consider how our goods move from place to place and how to manage the risk that comes with it. Gain industry insights from EMO Trans, Inc.

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September 18 | To Be Announced!

November 20 | dSPACE, Inc.

Current Trends and Challenges in Automotive Electronics Software Development and Validation

Join us on November 20th to go behind-the-scenes at dSPACE Michigan. You will have the opportunity to hear from CEO Peter Waeltermann, who will introduce you to the company’s view on “software-defined vehicles”, the new trend in electronics architectures in the auto industry.  

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[I enjoyed the] diversity of companies represented and [relevant] presentation topics & formats.
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