Intercultural Coaching USA

GACC Midwest provides German companies with thorough intercultural coaching to help prepare their successful market entry into the USA.

Intercultural Coaching for German Companies in the US

Cultural differences between the US and Germany can be some of the most difficult to navigate because they are often underestimated. To help facilitate the integration of employees and reduce barriers to success, we offer coaching services for intercultural teams and managers in a wide variety of situations.

Our bilingual trainers help clients develop essential cultural awareness and competencies by following a step-by-step model that integrates language learning with culture, personal development, and business skills. Connect with our GACC Midwest intercultural coaches Anna HackLeila Schmidt, and Gerrit Ahlers who have professional experience in market entry, communications strategy, delegations., and more in the US and Europe.

We plan our intercultural coaching sessions with three vital components:

  • Component 1: Telephone Preparation – The 90-minute preparation phone conversation lays the groundwork for a custom workshop, tailored to your specific situations and goals.
  • Component 2: Intercultural Workshop - Our intercultural workshops are a customized four-hour experience that helps participants build their intercultural skills and competence.
  • Component 3: Implementation and Feedback – Following the workshop, we will invite you to a 60-minute phone call in which we will discuss the effectiveness of the intercultural competencies practiced in the workshop.
Being professionally assigned to a new country can be a challenge for the employer as well as the individual. The GACC Midwest team helped me a lot and showed great flexibility and openness to customize a training course that perfectly fit my needs. In a one-day training, the team provided me with a cultural training class, an introduction to the US labor laws and helped me to build networks with other German companies based in the greater Chicago area.
Thomas Pape Supply Chain Manager, Lenze Americas