Collection Services & Credit Checks

GACC Midwest provides German businesses with support in collection services and credit checks in the US.

Collection Services & Credit Checks

As one of the most important trade partners for German companies, regrettably, it sometimes occurs that a US client pays its invoices belatedly or not at all. We support German companies and private persons claim outstanding debts from defaulting partners in the US.

There is a great variety in the reasons for delayed payment from partner companies. Misunderstandings, e.g. a wrong contact person or language difficulties are often the reason, and simple for us to help remedy. Sometimes distance plays a role, leading the debtor to think that German creditors are out of range and cannot reach the American debtor. We have years of experience helping to resolve cases in situations such as these.

GACC Midwest Provides Credit and Collection Support for German Companies

GACC Midwest aims to resolve such issues in an out-of-court settlement because it presents a cheaper solution for German companies resulting in maximum monetary recovery. Legal proceedings in the US, for various reasons, are very expensive, and can lead to high costs even in the case of a successful petition. In our experience in fact, legal proceedings only provide significant returns if the debt claim is USD 30,000 or more.

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After deciding to expand and found our US subsidiary, we were looking for an organization that can help us effectively with opening doors to the new market. With GACC Midwest, we found a reliable partner who has supported us step by step. Our collaboration with GACC Midwest was key for laying the groundwork for our success in the US.
Oliver Borrmann CEO, Hark Orchids LP