Business Partner Search

GACC Midwest provides German companies with finding business partners to support their market entry and sustainable success in the US.

Business Partner Search in the US

Searching for qualified business partners to support your business is a complicated and time-consuming task for German companies in the US. A key advantage to working with sales representatives is their existing contacts and business relationships with various customers.

Geographical, linguistic and cultural differences serve as difficult hurdles to surpass when searching for your ideal business partners. With our vast experience and understanding of the complex process of finding suitable business partners and contacts, our team is well-equipped to guide your company in identifying and implementing successful sales strategies for your business to reach success.

How GACC Midwest helps German Companies find effective Business Partners

Our plan aims to secure enduring business contacts and partners in the US to help your company generate long-term success:

  • targeted research based on your company's industry
  • region- or country-specific focus for your partner search
  • intercultural coaching for preparation of potential partner meetings  

Our bilingual team, with extensive market knowledge and intercultural competencies, is dedicated to secure the perfect partners and contacts for your company.

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Our goal was to quickly identify a suitable representative for the North American region, who also had access to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive sector. GACC Midwest identified and evaluated prospective partners in the shortest possible time, and entered into initial cooperation agreements. Particularly noteworthy, given our requirements as an automotive supplier, was the technical expertise of GACC employees, which led to immediate results.
Dr. Friedhelm Herb CEO, Quin GmbH