Virtual Office USA

GACC Midwest's virtual offices grant German companies a far-reaching presence in the US without having to secure personnel or an office space.

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Our intercultural and bilingual team is specialized in representing and supporting your company in the US market without extensive and expensive personnel and office structures.

We provide you with a Chicago or Detroit address in your company’s name and a phone number dedicated to your company with a direct contact person responsible for your account at the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest. Essentially you will not need to hire your own employees or establish cost-intensive infrastructure to establish a US presence. Chicago’s central location in the Midwest of the US provides ideal logistical access to the rest of the US market. For companies involved in the automotive industries, an address in the metro Detroit area also shows your ties to this dynamic sector.

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Your Virtual Office

Office Service & Infrastructure

  • Replying to phone inquiries in your company name
  • Support service for your US clients and business partners
  • Replying to or forwarding inquiries, customer complaints and incoming correspondence to you
  • Utilization of our conference room for business meetings
  • Assistance in founding a US subsidiary including choosing the correct US entity form, opening of a bank account, and taking out the appropriate insurance policies

Sales & Marketing

  • Supporting your sales team in their outreach to potential customers
  • Optimization of your marketing materials for the American market
  • Storage and shipping of your marketing materials, price lists, and samples
  • Trade show support including preparations, on-site assistance, and follow-up activities
  • Clarification of US customs questions and import regulations

Boost your company brand with our Marketing & Localization Services

"GACC Midwest has maintained our business presence in the US through a virtual office space since 2008. The friendly and proficient employees of GACC Midwest support us in handling customer inquiries and orders. We don’t consider our contact persons at GACC Midwest to simply be contact persons any longer—rather, we’ve come to see them now as our own highly-engaged and highly-valuable colleagues in the US."
Jörg-Tilman Heyl Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik GmbH & Co. KG