Transatlantic Dialogue: The Future Of Infrastructure

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In November 2021, the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Act was passed in the U.S., which funds comprehensive infrastructure development and promotes U.S. climate goals. Germany faces similar challenges in implementing a smart grid, enhancing water infrastructure, and a nationwide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

“Transatlantic Dialogue: The Future of Infrastructure” is a three-year project series organized by GACC Midwest and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action through the European Recovery Program. The program brings together key stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic to share knowledge and best practices and to propose innovative, sustainable and future-proof solutions to these challenges. Focus topics of the dialogue are e-mobility and charging infrastructure, smart grid and water infrastructure.

The GACC Midwest organizes trips to both target countries for each topic in which the jointly produced impactful results from the bilateral exchange will be presented, while solidifying long-lasting relationships and sustainable partnerships beyond the program.

Year 1: E-Mobility and Charging Infrastructure

Delegation Trip to Germany: EV & Charging Infrastructure, Nov. 6-10, 2023

To all U.S. experts: visit Germany on a government-funded trip to share knowledge and best practices and to propose transatlantic, innovative, sustainable, and futureproof solutions to challenges in EV and charging infrastructure. The trip includes site visits to major automotive companies (e.g., Porsche and Volkswagen), clusters, incubators, an international automotive forum, and renowned research institutes, such as the Technical University of Munich. Expand your network through meaningful connections, all while also connecting on a different level through cultural activities. 

Save the Date! Nov. 6-10, 2023

If you want to be part of our Government funded in-person delegation on EV & Charging Infrastructure to Germany, please register here:



Delegation Trip to the U.S.: EV & Charging Infrastructure, Dec. 4–8, 2023

This trip is exclusively intended for experts in the EV & charging infrastructure sector from Germany. 
For all experts in the EV & Charging Infrastructure sector from Germany, you can sign up for the in-person trip to the US in December 2023. All information for the trip to the US can be found below:

US Trip