Expert Delegation Trip to Germany on Offshore Wind

The United States is poised to accelerate its offshore wind deployment on two coasts and is in a favorable position to take advantage of substantial technology learnings, economies of scale and cost reductions achieved in Europe. With 7.7 GW of offshore wind capacity in operation, German policy makers and energy players have a successful history of developing, installing, operating, and maintaining offshore wind projects. While maritime spatial planning, offshore wind sites far from shore, environmental concerns and grid connectivity have posed many challenges to Germany’s ambitious offshore wind energy goals, technological innovation and constructive collaboration between the private sector and policy makers have made successful offshore wind deployment possible. 

Germany’s policy framework for offshore wind has undergone significant changes over the past decades. Germany has achieved massive reductions in policy support costs for offshore wind, mainly driven by technological progress, economies of scale, competitive pressure through the auction system, and regulatory de-risking.

With the goal to better understand and navigate a constantly evolving landscape of offshore wind farm needs, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action invited a select group of offshore wind experts from the US to a transatlantic knowledge exchange. The trip is part of a broader scale effort to strengthen the energy cooperation between the US and Germany, encourage the exchange of ideas, and promote energy transition policy expertise.

The German American Chambers of Commerce of the US and adelphi in Germany form the German Support Office of the US-Germany Climate and Energy Partnership.

Our expert delegation to Germany will take place September 23-26, 2024. Please indicate your interest here.