Fraunhofer USA Center Midwest Laser Applications
Connection Series Michigan - Fraunhofer USA Center Midwest Laser Applications
Fraunhofer USA Center Midwest Laser Applications
46025 Port St.
Plymouth, MI
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Members: $25
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*Please note registration at the door is $45.
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11/15/2023 · 04:30 PM
Event End
11/15/2023 · 06:30 PM

Embark on an Innovation Journey with Fraunhofer USA!

Join us for an interactive event taking you on a journey through the cutting-edge landscape of market-driven technology needs! 


Experience a laser marking machine in action, take home a laser-engraved personalized bottle opener, and network with the German American business community in Michigan.


Fraunhofer USA's forward momentum is sustained by its dedication to serving market-driven technology needs. The organization actively promotes international cooperation in business and forges strategic alliances with industry, government, and academic partners. This collaborative approach positions Fraunhofer USA as a trailblazing innovation driver, adept at mastering the challenges of the future and continuing to lead in the realms of education, applied research, and innovation.

Event speaker Elliott Sprehe, the Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager at Fraunhofer USA, is at the forefront of fostering transatlantic collaboration, facilitating technology transfer, and driving jointly developed applied research initiatives. With over a decade of experience in communication and marketing, Sprehe brings a robust background in team building and media management, synergizing with Fraunhofer USA's overarching mission.

About Fraunhofer USA

Fraunhofer USA, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization headquartered in Rhode Island, stands as a dedicated force propelling the frontiers of applied research and technology transfer. Established in 1994, Fraunhofer USA's primary mission revolves around conducting applied Research and Development (R&D) catering to a diverse clientele encompassing industry players, state governments, and the federal government within the United States.

A cornerstone of Fraunhofer USA's strength lies in its close collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe's largest application-oriented research and development organization. This strategic alliance empowers Fraunhofer USA to tap into a broad spectrum of both domestic and international resources, augmenting its portfolio of R&D services.

Through an expansive global cooperation network, Fraunhofer USA positions itself as a pivotal player in addressing regional and global challenges. This approach not only helps uncover potential research areas but also actively contributes to economic development. The organization's commitment to navigating the international competitive landscape is reinforced by its extensive network of Fraunhofer institutes in Germany and strategic partnerships.


Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the mission of Fraunhofer USA.
  • Determine if Fraunhofer USA’s research services may offer a solution for your business challenges.
  • Discover Fraunhofer’s impact on the innovation landscape, both in the US and overseas.
  • Learn how Fraunhofer USA fits into the research ecosystem in the Great Lakes area.
  • Discover Fraunhofer USA’s research service offerings in the U.S.

Exploring the realms of innovation, Fraunhofer USA offers an engaging opportunity for participants to witness the cutting-edge technology of a laser marking machine in action. This experiential event aims not only to showcase the precision and capabilities of modern laser technology but also provides a hands-on experience for attendees


Connection Series 

Rethink the Value of Networking with GACC Midwest.

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Our Connection Series rethinks the value of networking by offering participants the chance to benefit from the expertise within the German American business community. We’ve expanded our events in Illinois and Michigan to include networking opportunities over breakfast, lunch, happy hours and more featuring high-profile special guests eager to share their knowledge. Learn something new to benefit you and your company, and make new connections while you're at it! 

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Stephanie Dal Porto

Stephanie Dal Porto

Coordinator, Events & Membership



Elliott Sprehe

Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager