Market Research USA

GACC Midwest equips German companies with diligent and industry-specific market research to ensure a successful US market entry.


Our market research provides you with essential information about market size, market developments, competitors, distribution and sales structures as well as product requirements specific to the US or German markets

We define the study objectives and project plan together with you. These insights serve as orientation for a strategy that best establishes your company in the new market. We define the goals and project development together with you.  Projects can vary from a week of data gathering to intense research studies of multiple product categories that can last several months. At project start, we discuss objectives with you and decide on milestones with regular reporting of results.

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A Client's Experience

A German supplier of finger foods and snack products was looking for insights on market developments for a potential US market entry. Preparing a strategic analysis of potential competitors in their field, we used targeted online research, interviewed market experts, and conducted an in-store analysis to assist the client in assessing the US market potential for their product. With GACC Midwest's help, the client is now finalizing their US market entry.

Our Market Research Method

Secondary Research

Important information about the US market for your products or services is researched through the following publicly available sources:

  • Statistics agencies and other official source
  • Industry publications
  • Associations
  • Research institutes
  • Annual reports and public company documents
  • Various databases

Primary Research

Parallel to the secondary research process, our team carries out interviews with a selected group of industry insiders and experts in the USA. Typical sources for primary research include:

  • Relevant US industry associations
  • US companies in the industry
  • Distributors and other companies that play an important role in the supply chain
  • Other experts such as industry analysts, consultants and journalists

Store Checks, Surveys & Focus Groups

For market entry in consumer products sectors, our team can also carry out a series of local store checks in order to research crucial information on pricing, placement, brand presence and trends and innovations at relevant retail outlets.

In addition to this, we also offer surveys and focus groups together with external partners that are tailored to your products and services. We can integrate these insights into our final analysis for you.

"On our behalf, GACC Midwest conducted an analysis of the market and sales structure of air purifiers for the B2B and B2C markets. Through interviews with U.S. market experts, GACC Midwest was able to get very in-depth, insider knowledge about how the market works, and who is playing what roles. Their market information helped us to develop our market entry strategy in the U.S. and where to position our products."
Maria Dier Geschäftsführerin, Luftmed GmbH