Business Partner Search USA

GACC Midwest offers an efficient and practical solution to help German companies successfully establish their business activities in the US through a targeted partner search.

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Is your company looking for new contacts or strategic partners to market your products or services in the US?

We offer an efficient and practical solution to help companies successfully establish their business activities in the US through a targeted partner search. An individual business partner search features both research and critical evaluation of sales and distribution partners. We can either concentrate on research partners nationwide or certain regions in this process – all according to your needs and desires.

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A Client's Experience

When a German porcelain manufacturer approached us seeking a distribution partner for china and porcelain figures in the US, we equipped our client with high quality partner recommendations in their industry through a targeted partner search. Based on the client's top requirements for a potential distribution partner, our GACC Midwest team researched possible sales reps. We created a strategic ranking of the best options so the German client company could make a fast and informed decision on their new distribution partner in the US.

Our Business Partner Search Services

The Selection and Evaluation

  • Support in defining the target group
  • Research of possible partners within the defined target market (initial selection)
  • Crafting of a customized written approach to the potential partners or a company presentation that highlights your unique selling points in the US market
  • Approach of the researched business partners through telephone and/or personal conversations (refined selection)
  • Creation of partner profiles, presentation of results and arranging a direct contact between you and the potential partner

In the selection of your partners, we pay attention not only to fit in terms of products and qualifications, but also to the interest in a cooperation. Our focus in this is clearly set on quality instead of quantity.

Additional Options

  • Brief market study in preparation for the business partner search. Through this study, the target region, market potential, competition and distribution strategies, etc., can be evaluated and defined in advance.
  • Support in the development and execution of a sales strategy
  • Coaching in American sales style
  • Presentation training
  • Adjustment of marketing materials for the US market
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Travel preparation
  • Accompanying you to business meetings

After successful completion of the business partner search, we can take on long-term representation and support of your US business through a virtual office.


"On our behalf, GACC Midwest conducted an analysis of the market and sales structure of air purifiers for the B2B and B2C markets. Through interviews with U.S. market experts, GACC Midwest was able to get very in-depth, insider knowledge about how the market works,and who is playing what roles. Their market information helped us to develop our market entry strategy in the U.S. and where to position our products."
Maria Dier Geschäftsführerin, Luftmed GmbH