Transatlantic Cluster Initiative

The initiative connects German and American cluster organizations through targeted events in the US and Germany. It establishes an exchange for best-practices focused on cluster management, internationalization, skilled workforce recruitment, technological development, and much more.

The continual growth of industry clusters in both the US and EU has contributed to a dynamic transatlantic economic landscape. To help further this transatlantic trade, investment and innovation collaboration, GACC Midwest organizes the Transatlantic Cluster Initiative.

The initiative connects leading German and US industry clusters to promote knowledge exchange through specialized, content-driven events.

It is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy through the European Recovery Program.

Upcoming Programs

April 2019: US Roadshow on Food Processing

April 15 - 19, 2019 - US Roadshow
Along with our partners; select experts and representatives in the field of Food Processing will join our German cluster delegation to:

  • Network with leaders of German Food Processing clusters,
  • Exchange best-practices surrounding digitalization in food processing, resource efficiency and
  • Discuss international collaboration opportunities and our cluster delegation trip to Germany.

May 2019: Delegation Trip to Germany on Food Processing

May 13 - 17, 2019 - Delegation Trip to Germany
The roadshow will be followed by the cluster delegation trip to Germany. 15 select US-participants will have opportunity to visit German Food Processing key players from business and research institutions as well as interact with leading industry associations and clusters. Last but not least, participants will have plenty of chance to immerse themselves in German culture and hospitality.

Past Programs



  • E-Mobility is the concept applying to vehicular transportation and infrastructure networks, with the ultimate aim to produce more environmentally-friendly and efficient vehicles through drive electrification
  • With the German government providing over €1.5 billion for research and development in this field since 2009 and an ever-more-relevant dialogue surrounding transatlantic cooperation of policy, regulatory, technical and infrastructure measures, this is shaping a strong demand for electrification of transportation both in the U.S. and Germany
  • See the Delegation trip covering E-Mobility, covering the German cities of Munich, Dresden, Chemnitz and Hannover
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0 is the digitization of manufacturing, where big data, advanced analytics and the IoT are being leveraged to make production smarter, faster, more profitable, while growing competitive advantage
  • Germany has a pioneering role globally in digitization and the term Industry 4.0 is well-known in German industry. In the US however, it is a fairly new concept for the technology and manufacturing industries
  • In May, the GACC Midwest Industry 4.0 trip brought select US delegates to three major cities in Germany: Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Hannover.
Healthcare and Medtech

Healthcare and Medtech

  • The health care industry both in Germany and the United States are characterized by vibrant communities from disruptive start-ups to major corporations
  • The medical device and technology markets have constant need for innovation which leads to an ever-changing landscape with ample opportunities especially in the fields of diagnostics and medical devices
  • The Transatlantic Cluster Initiative brought US Health Care & MedTech professionals to Germany to learn from and exchange knowledge with key players in the industry, including business and research institutions


  • GACC Midwest brought together lightweighting experts from both sides of the Atlantic to share knowledge and discuss opportunities for cooperation
  • Nine US lightweighting professionals joined the study trip to Germany, exploring cutting-edge manufacturing innovations and gaining insights into the lightweighting research landscape in Germany
  • German and US experts agreed that huge potential in the lightweighting sector offers opportunities for transatlantic cooperation. Germany and the US should especially collaborate to address challenges such as recycling of carbon composites, production costs of lightweight materials and energy demand for producing lightweight goods


  • GACC Midwest organized its first roadshow on the topic of Metalworking July 11-14, 2016
  • The roadshow provided company representatives, research professionals, and other industry stakeholders in the metal industry the opportunity to discuss opportunities for international collaboration, innovation, and best practices in workforce development
  • The roadshow was followed by a Metalworking delegation trip to Germany November 14-18, 2016. 15 US-participants learned firsthand about best-practices from Brandenburg, Thuringia and Heilbronn in the metalworking industry

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