Wisconsin Chapter

The GACC Midwest, Wisconsin Chapter is the partner for members of the German American Chamber of Commerce and German firms in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Chapter

We promote trade between Germany and Wisconsin

Welcome to the Wisconsin Chapter

Although well-known as America's Dairy Land, Wisconsin has far more to offer including its strong agricultural industry sector. It is also a source of a skilled workforce and strong infrastructure. Furthermore, various public-private partnerships between the state’s top-of-the-list universities and businesses shape Wisconsin’s business environment. In addition to bio and health technology, the farming industry contributes to the GDP significantly.

The GACC Midwest, Wisconsin Chapter is devoted to the improvement of investment and trade relations between Germany and Wisconsin. This chapter is the exclusive representative of GACC Midwest in Wisconsin.


German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest - Wisconsin Chapter

735 N Water Street, Suite 702, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Manuel Merkt
Tel: +1 (414) 530-1636
E-Mail: merkt@gaccwi.com