Market Entry

GACC Midwest supports your market entry and business development activities for your long-term success in the US.

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Our market entry and business development services support your entry in the US market and help you to become and remain successful. Through market analyses, a targeted business partner search, a virtual office, site selection services or trade show support, we facilitate your market entry activities in the US.

Profit from our vast experience, deep market knowledge and industry expertise. Our intercultural, bilingual team is specialized in effectively assessing and evaluating the market potential for your company in the USA and making strategic recommendations based on this.

Your Market Entry Partner

Market Research


Market research by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest provides you with essential information about market size, market developments, competitors, distribution and sales structures as well as product requirements specific to the US or German markets.

We define the study objectives and project plan together with you. These insights serve as orientation for a strategy that best establishes your company in the new market.

Market analysis projects can include the following components:

  • Data research
  • Surveys, store checks and focus groups
  • Creation of studies with several categories

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Site Selection

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The complexity of a site selection process in the US market requires a trusted partner on site. Thanks to our broad network of members, contacts, and clients we help you independently and objectively to find the ideal location for your company.

Our broad network of members, contacts, and clients, including experienced, bilingual attorneys, tax advisors and other key service providers focusing on transatlantic business, makes our team your perfect partner in finding the ideal site for your US presence.

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Virtual Office

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Our virtual office service provides an initial step towards establishing your US presence and serves as an interface between your company in Germany and in the US.

We provide you with a Chicago or Detroit address in your company’s name and a deicated phone number with a direct contact person responsible for your account our offices in downtown Chicago. You will essentially not need to hire your own employees or establish cost-intensive infrastructure to establish a US presence.

Our intercultural and bilingual team is specialized in representing and supporting your company in the US market without the need for expensive personnel or office structures.

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Business Partner Search


GACC Midwest offers an efficient and practical solution to help companies successfully establish their business activities in the US through a targeted partner search. An individual business partner search features both research and critical evaluation of sales and distribution partners.

Contact to potential partners takes place via our knowledgeable interdisciplinary project team who communicates directly with decision-makers at US companies. We can either concentrate on research partners nationwide or certain regions in this process – all according to your needs.

In addition to the selection and evaluation process, we offer the following optional additional services:

  • Brief market study in preparation for the business partner search. Through this study, the target region, market potential, competition and distribution strategies, etc., can be evaluated and defined in advance.
  • Support in the development and execution of a sales strategy
  • Adjustment of marketing materials for the US market
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Travel preparation
  • Accompanying you to business meetings
  • Coaching in American sales style
  • Presentation training

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Collection Services & Credit Checks


As one of the most important trade partners for German companies, regrettably, it sometimes occurs that a US client pays its invoices belatedly or not at all. We support German companies and private persons claim outstanding debts from defaulting partners in the US.

There is a great variety in the reasons for delayed payment from partner companies. Misunderstandings, e.g. a wrong contact person or language difficulties are often the reason, and simple for us to help remedy. Sometimes distance plays a role, leading the debtor to think that German creditors are out of range and cannot reach the American debtor. We have years of experience helping to resolve cases in situations such as these.

GACC Midwest aims to resolve such issues in an out-of-court settlement because it presents a cheaper solution for German companies resulting in maximum monetary recovery. Legal proceedings in the US, for various reasons, are very expensive, and can lead to high costs even in the case of a successful petition. In our experience in fact, legal proceedings only provide significant returns if the debt claim is USD 30,000 or more.

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"GACC Midwest in Detroit organized a market research trip to the USA on our behalf with the aim of investigating the market structure and sales channels locally. By means of individual interviews with market experts which GACC Midwest had planned for us, we were able to extract valuable insider knowledge and gain an initial valuable impression of local market conditions."

Ton Kemperink
Director Sales Business Unit Brass / Copper, Bons & Evers