Heinz Prechter Scholarships

Heinz Prechter Scholarships for internships in Germany foster intercultural understanding between Germany and the uS

Heinz Prechter Scholarships for Internships in Germany

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Students attending public or private colleges, who are pursuing an internship in Germany, are encouraged to apply for one of up to three Heinz Prechter Scholarships given out annually. Designed in 2002 by Dr. Ray Schaub, Michigan Chapter board member emeritus , the Heinz Prechter Scholarship Program encourages Michigan students to learn about German business, life, and culture by living and working in Germany. The stipends are named in honor of Heinz Prechter to commemorate the unparalleled contributions he made to the advancement of international relations between Germany and Michigan.

College and university professors, who are conducting study projects aimed at exposing a group of students to Germany, its culture, language, and business environment, are also encouraged to apply.

For more information regarding the Heinz Prechter Scholarship Program and the application process, please read on below or contact Janina Luomala directly at +1 (248) 826-8806 or info(at)gaccmi.org.

Details about the scholarships

Selection criteria

The selection of scholarship recipients will be based on the following criteria, which are stated as minimum requirements for qualification:

  • Academic Status
  • Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Characteristics

Application Process


Each scholarship applicant must submit in writing the following documents:

  • Letter of Application: The letter should provide in narrative form a description of the applicant's qualifications including, for example, academic background; employment history; special interests, and a statement indicating why the applicant wants to work as an intern in Germany.
  • Résumé: The résumé should provide, in outline form, a description of the applicant's qualifications including, for example, academic background; employment history; special interests, accomplishments and awards; and international travel.
  • Offer-of-Internship Letter: The letter (written in German or English) must be addressed to the applicant by the company in Germany that is sponsoring the internship, and must adequately describe the work assignment. The letter must be written on the company's letterhead and signed by an appropriate company official.
  • Letters of Recommendation: The applicant must provide letters of recommendation from at least two faculty members (at the institution in which the applicant is currently enrolled) who teach in the applicant's major or minor fields of study.
  • Course Transcripts: The applicant must provide comprehensive course transcripts of all academic semesters completed at institutions of higher education.

Please note:

1.) applicants must complete an in-person interview with the scholarship committee. Part of the interview will be conducted in German to assess the applicant's basic conversational skills in the language.

2.) Scholarship recipients must agree to submit to the Chamber (at or near the completion of their assignments) written reports on their internships and (if schedule permits) to give oral presentations on their internships at Chamber meetings. These reports and presentations will give the students the opportunity to describe in detail the activities and outcomes of their internship assignments and will provide the Chamber a basis on which it can evaluate the results of its financial support.

Completed applications (including attachments) must be sent to:
GACC Midwest Michigan Chapter
Janina Luomala
PO Box 1448
Brighton, MI 48116
Email: info(at)gaccmi.org

Application deadline: April 1, 2019



About Heinz Prechter


Born in 1942 in Kleinhöbing, Germany, Mr. Prechter began his automotive career at the age of 13 as an apprentice in automotive trim, tool and die making, and coach and body building. After completing his studies at Berufs-Oberschule in Nuremberg, Mr. Prechter furthered his education at Nuremberg's OHM Polytechnic Engineering School. During his studies, Mr. Prechter gained a wide range of practical experience working for a number of German companies, including Faunwerke (a truck and military equipment supplier), Siemens (an electronics firm), and Deutz (a diesel engine manufacturer). In 1963, he came to the U.S. as an exchange student.

While studying Business Administration and English at San Francisco State College, he began installing sunroofs - a virtually unknown product on this side of the Atlantic. Fifteen months later, in 1965, Mr. Prechter founded the American Sunroof Company (now ASC Incorporated) in Los Angeles. He spent $764 on tools, a workbench from an old door covered with aluminum and a sewing machine from a junkyard. This one-man enterprise soon became well-known for its "custom" sunroofs as well as its creative approach to supporting the development of specialty vehicles for the film industry.

Before Mr. Prechter's death in 2001, ASC Incorporated had become a global specialty vehicle and systems company providing specialty vehicle design, engineering, prototype and production services; development and delivery of open-air systems, composite products and exterior trim; and development and distribution of aftermarket vehicle accessories. Headquartered in Southgate, MI, ASC maintained operations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and South Korea. In addition to ASC Incorporated, Mr. Prechter founded Heritage Network Incorporated, a group of Southeastern Michigan companies involved in the transportation, hospitality and communications industries. His Heritage Network group included a weekly newspaper chain (one of the largest in the state of Michigan), a real estate development company, and a beef cattle business. In early 1997, he created Prechter Holdings, which owns the ASC and Heritage businesses. Heinz Prechter was widely recognized for his entrepreneurial accomplishments, broad community involvement, and political achievements. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Harvard Business Club and received the Automotive Hall of Fame's Automotive Industry Leader of the Year award. The business leader sat on dozens of community and corporate boards, including those of Detroit Renaissance, Comerica Bank, and ThyssenKrupp's Automotive Supervisory Board. He died on July 6, 2001.



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