Study Trip to Germany on Direct Marketing

A study trip from the Transatlantic Agricultural Dialogue will be travelling through Bavaria in April 2019. The goal of the trip is to exchange experiences and ideas related to direct marketing between American and German agricultural thought leaders.

Locally produced food is a big, ongoing trend in Germany and America. Our Direct Marketing program allows farmers to discover how they can increase cash revenue by locally adding value to their products.

Further Information

During the Study Trip to Germany on Direct Marketing in April 2019, American farmers participating will have the opportunity to experience German agriculture first-hand in a completely new way. Participants will visit German farms to discuss with farmers how they market their products, which sales channels work best for them and their experiences over the years.

The participants will learn from German agricultural associations and ministries about the challenges and regulations affecting the global agricultural market. Not to mention, they will also enjoy German hospitality, cuisine and culture and take home valuable insights to their own farms. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to sample German hospitality, cuisine and culture.

"This tour was extremely well done. Every single place we went, I was able to get information that was important for the mission of our organization. Our days were packed full of excellent farm and industry sites that helped me better understand German agriculture.”

Charly Norris
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation