Market Development: Energy Technology & Circular Economy

During the business trip, participants from NRW will gain insights into current developments and market opportunities in the US energy and environmental sector and establish business contacts with companies.

The USA, like Europe, is facing far-reaching changes in the way it deals with energy and raw materials. New energy concepts and circular economy systems are required to make the change sustainable.

In the course of the delegation trip to Minnesota and Chicago, contacts are to be made with representatives from business, science and politics and synergies between NRW and the target regions are to be worked out.

During their stay, the participants will have the opportunity to establish business contacts and receive innovative impulses for their business through targeted pitches and workshops.

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Minnesota & Chicago

Energy policy in the U.S. falls under the purview of individual states. The 50 states thus have 50 energy policy strategies. Minnesota is one of the few U.S. states that does not own fossil fuels.

Minnesota and the companies around the University of Minnesota are true pioneers in renewable energy research. The region has been relying on renewable energies since 2007, and they currently account for 29 percent of its energy supply. By comparison, NRW's share of renewables is 17 percent.

The first part of the trip will take place in Minnesota: Point briefings with representatives from politics and administration will also show the participants problems in the US energy and recycling sector and outline possible solution scenarios. Company visits and lectures by the University of Minnesota will round off the on-site visit. The area of the Circular Economy is of particular interest in Minnesota.

The second stop on the trip, Chicago, will focus on various energy topics, including renewable energies, e-mobility and the circular economy.

Illinois, with its Chicago metropolitan region, will become increasingly important in the coming years with regard to the energy transition in the USA. This creates direct opportunities for German companies that want to gain a foothold in the American market with products and services in the energy sector. Thus, this visit is focused on networking and market information, with visits to energy institutes and companies in the field of energy, mobility and circular economy in Chicago.