Der GACC Midwest Report

Reisen Sie in die Welt der AHK USA-Chicago für einen außergewöhnlichen Einblick in unser internationales Netzwerk und unsere Arbeit!

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As investment and expansion in the American heartland are on the rise, take a closer look at the accomplishments of our network and learn more about the ins and outs of doing business in the US.

Key topics of the 2018 report are:

  • Investments and economic growth
  • Skilled workforce development and apprenticeships
  • Innovation and digitalization

The GACC Midwest Report 2017/18 showcases how our members 'disrupt traditional' to innovate and grow. Expose key decision makers to your company, your region or your service with an article or an ad now.

Key topics of the 2017 report are:

  • Digitalization trends and technologies
  • Investments and economic growth
  • Skilled workforce, education, and training
  • Innovative products, services and business models

Explore the dynamic growth of German business in the US with the GACC Midwest Report 2016 - Invest in the Midwest! Download our signature publication and get a tour of German business, trade and investment in the American heartland and beyond.

The GACC Midwest Report 2015 invites you to explore how GACC Midwest and the German-American business community invest in the future - through investments, education, and more. Take a look at our report and the innovative insights provided by our team and our member companies.

The GACC Midwest Report is an exciting publication offering a review of our year as well as a vision for the future of transatlantic business. The 2014 Report will focus on innovation and trends in all industries. Take a look at our report and the innovative insights provided by our consultants and our member companies.


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