Roundtable Series on Consumer Engagement

May 7-11, 2018 | Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

Our Consumer Engagement program fostered discussion of best practices for engaging consumers and addressing the public’s questions about food production. We support farmers in improving communication with the consumer, because it’s every farmer’s commitment to provide safe, healthy food for every table.

Workshop 1 – Consumer Engagement through Agritourism
Monday, May 7 – Fair Oaks, Indiana

Workshop 2 – Consumer Engagement Online
Tuesday, May 8 – Bloomington, Illinois

Workshop 3 – Consumer Engagement Face-to-Face
Thursday, May 9 – Donahue, Iowa

A group of about a dozen German social media-savvy farmers traveled through Illinois, Indiana and Iowa to visit farms and other sites of interest. Three workshops for both German and US farmers took place over the course of the week to discuss how to re-establish agriculture in the midst of our society.

Our delegation of German farmers was composed of representatives from AgChat, Bund der Deutschen Landjugend (Rural Youth Association), Deutsche Landwirtschaft-Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society), Deutscher Bauernverband (German Farmers Association), the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft (Forum for Modern Agriculture), HofConnect, Tierhaltung modern und transparent (Livestock farming – modern and transparent), and TopAgrar.

Through workshops and farm visits, the group held many in-depth conversations on Consumer Engagement in agriculture with their American counterparts. After both Americans and Germans elaborated on their experiences, it became apparent that although agriculture and certain regulations were different in both countries, there were similar challenges faced by everyone. It was agreed that the farming community needs to work together to explain modernizing agriculture and technology to consumers. It’s important to keep a few factors in mind when communicating with consumers: target audience, medium of communication, and word choice. Additionally, it’s always important to be transparent and genuine when sharing stories and educating others about agriculture.

Get a Sneak Peek into the Lives of German Farmers!

Marcus Holtkötter and Nadine Henke, farmers and co-founders of AgChat Germany, take us with them and share interesting insights into their lives.


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