Green Building Conference - Focus on Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals use 2.7x more energy per square foot on average than any other type of building. Consequently, they have a particularly big incentive to reduce their energy bills. Environmentally sound practices in healthcare facilities are being adopted all throughout the US - these methods not only save companies money, but also help them get ahead of the regulatory curve. German and American healthcare providers have continuously upheld the same values in the realm of energy efficiency in hospitals: to improve their economic, environmental and societal bottom line.

Our transatlantic expert panel discussions and presentations provided a perfect opportunity to become well-acquainted with German energy efficiency solutions that are utilized to improve building quality in the US.

Although the focus lies on healthcare facilities, the topics discussed were also beneficial for other types of buildings. This conference used hospitals to exemplify what steps building owners on both sides of the Atlantic are taking to make their facilities more sustainable and "healthy" for their clients.

Date & Venue

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Chicago, IL

The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago
Chicago Ballroom
909 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Conference Agenda



Registration & Networking


Words of Welcome
Mark Tomkins, President & CEO, GACC Midwest


Panel 1: Green Building Trends in Germany – Focus Healthcare Facilities


Panel Discussion and Q&A, Moderation by Corinna Jess, GACC Midwest


Coffee Break & Networking


German Company Presentations Part I


Coffee Break & Networking


German Company Presentations Part II


Lunch and Networking


Panel 2: Energy Efficiency in Hospitals – Success Stories and Outlook for the U.S.


Panel Discussion and Q&A, Moderation by Corinna Jess, GACC Midwest


Closing Remarks and End of Conference

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German Business Delegation

GACC Midwest brought a business delegation of the following German companies involved in facilitating energy efficiency to Chicago from September 19-23, 2016.

Baumann Consulting
is a service provider for energy efficiency and sustainability over the entire life cycle of buildings and facilities. Their  expertise comprises Commissioning (Cx), Retro-Cx, Energy Auditing, Energy Benchmarking, Measurement & Verification, Energy Modeling, and Green Building Certification services, such as LEED, DGNB, BREEAM, WELL, Living Building Challenge, Passive House, Minergie, etc. As Engineers, Architects, Planners, and Consultants, the team is driven to elevate high performance buildings from a niche segment of the market to the industry standard. Their thoroughness and creativity combined with their depth of understanding of the entire life-cycle of buildings result in tangible improvement to energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall value of the Clients’ real estate portfolios.


is a global leading manufacturer of far-infrared heating products, which range from wall- and surface heaters to therapy solutions. Our patented and certified far-infrared technology produces a safe, energy efficient, maintenance-free heat with a carbon-neutral footprint. The company's target partners include HVAC distributors and retailers, developers and builders, architects, as well as government and public organizations.

geff GmbH
is a project development firm operating globally under the brand "geff - generation efficiency" in order to apply its concept of "people, systems, and technology" to energy management and optimization for clients in the industrial, commercial, and/or institutional sectors. geff and its Network are capable of servicing practically any aspect of facility or process-related energy optimization needs - offering: a modular yet holistic portfolio of services and solutions; a technology (and brand)-neutral perspective towards all potential solutions; support in financing projects; an energy savings guarantee; ongoing monitoring solutions; and the development of unique and innovative new solutions for complex problems.

geoKOAX GmbH
is an international full service provider of geothermal heat exchanger technology with a subsidiary in North America and numerous European distribution partners. geoKOAX offers innovative und cost-saving heating and cooling with geothermal ener-gy – green and sustainable. The patented geoKOAX heat exchanger is able to generate close-to-surface geothermal energy using drilling depths of as little as 5 meters/16ft. The geothermal heat storage of geoKOAX, higher flow temperature to the heat pump and decoupling of the  operation of the heat pump lead to high annual performance figures. It offers up to 70% less operating costs compared to fossil systems and significantly lower investment costs (15-30%) than conventional probe systems. Innovative Smart Services allow for continuous monitoring.

Glaswerke Arnold GmbH & Co. KG
provides environmentally friendly, cost-effective and customized architectural glass solutions such as solar control, bird collision protection and heat insulation glass to building owners, architects, planners and project engineers. Their multifunctional solar control glass is available in a color matching range including 40%, 50%, 60%, and 70% light transmission allowing a customized coordination of different solar control glass types in one building without compromising a visually and color matched facade. Along with the low-emissivity coating for significant thermal insulation, their Bird Protection Glass ORNILUX provides bird collision mitigation with a high level of transparency.

Heyl Brothers
develops online water quality monitoring analyzers. Via titration, our Testomat® analyzer series automates the water testing of parameters including alkalinity, conductivity, phosphates, polymers, or water hardness. Applications include cooling towers and boiler houses, where continuous monitoring of water hardness and controlling the water softening process reduces operational/ maintenance costs.

LTG Aktiengesellschaft
offers systems and terminal units for air technology such as diffusers, chilled beams, induction units and high quality fan-coil-units. The products are designed to meet high requirements for sustainability in terms of low noise, high thermal comfort, energy efficiency and ambitious architectural demands. As a growth-focused company, LTG has enjoyed international market success by opening up new areas of business with a strong customer focus. Besides LTG's expertise in standard products, LTG is also a problem-solver for all kinds of air handling requirements. Whether it's a particular installation situation in a building's air-conditioning system or special challenges in manufacture and processing, LTG's engineering services not only deliver the perfect solution, but also develop customized products to match it.

RAICO Bautechnik GmbH
is a leading German manufacturer of customized system solutions for curtain walls, glass roofs, windows and doors. RAICO is a technology leader in the industry with extensive experience in metal engineering. In the USA, RAICO's focus is to find Sales & Distribution Partners for their products. At the same time they would like to liaise closely with Architects & Consulting Engineers specializing in curtain walls, glass roofs as well as aluminum doors and windows.


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