Automotive Supplier Conference & Trade Mission

Focus on Lightweighting

Lightweight Technologies are an essential keystone of the ambitious targets of the automotive industry. New materials help to fulfill fuel efficiency targets and extend the EV range.

On this topic, GACC Midwest hosted a Business Conference in Troy, MI on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The conference was part of a trade mission composed of German companies offering innovative weight saving product and service solutions for the automotive industry, or those developing inventive solutions for the processing and testing of lightweight products.

Attendees had the chance to learn about innovative solutions for processing and using lightweight products and about new technologies and materials to reduce weight! The conference provided attendees the chance to network with key automotive suppliers and OEMs, as well as to explore partnership opportunities with German companies.

Date & Venue

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
8:00am - 2:30pm

The Management Education Center
Room: Amphitheatre 102
811 W. Square Lake Rd.
Troy, MI 48098

Conference Agenda


Registration, Breakfast and Networking


Words of Welcome
Virginia Attaway Rounds, Director Consulting Services, German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest


Lightweighting in Germany
Heiko Simonis, Business Development, HUFSCHMIED Zerspanungssysteme GmbH


Keynote Address
Jason Balzer, Technical Leader – Lightweight Structures & Joining, Ford Motor Company


German Company Presentations I


Coffee Break


US Economic Outlook: What’s Driving the Automotive Industry
Paul Traub, Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago – Detroit Branch


German Company Presentations II



Lunch & Networking Break


Lightweighting in the Automotive Industry


Panel Discussion and Q&A


Closing Remarks & Continuing Networking



Meet our German Companies

To facilitate new business partnerships, GACC Midwest brought companies with innovative technologies “Made in Germany” to the Metro Detroit area from September 25-27, 2017.


CFRP components for light truck chassis applications   

Key Advantages:

  • Specialized on light truck applications
  • Increased load capacity through lighter materials


  • Design, production and in-house machinery solutions for the automotive Industry (production lines, automated verification units, …)
  • Development and production of lightweight composite components for structural and aesthetic applications
  • Flexible, fully automated high-volume production of composites

Key Advantages:

  • Development of technology for processing carbon fiber parts: RMCP (Rapid Multi-injection Process) -> patented technology; RTM (Resin Transfer Molding); VARTM (Vacuum Assistant Transfer Molding)
  • Facilities for low, mid volume and mass production
  • Complete product life cycle, from part design to serial production
  • Specialized in-house project management skills


Production machinery for complex composite components

Key Advantages:

  • Series production of complex composite components
  • Supplementing software


  • Weaving machines for the production of technical fabrics
  • 3D weaving machines: rigid mono rapier “free-flight” without contact to warp threads; horizontal take-off, customized to product length
  • Tape weaving machine: weaving of ribbon-type materials like fixed and impregnated tapes as well as sliced films
  • Tape production line: for manufacturing of fiber reinforced tapes that can either be stabilized with a low percentage of binder material or fully impregnated with thermoplastic matrix

Key Advantages:

  • Machinery for 1D, 2D, and 3D geometries
  • Worldwide service network in place
  • Comprehensive machining solutions for thermoplastic tape production (e.g. with carbon or glass fiber)
  • Products are suitable to use with thermoplastics and thermosets
  • High productivity level which enables high volume production


    • Components and weld assemblies made of tubes and profiles
    • Hydro formed chassis parts incl. laser cutting/welding of hot formed parts
    • Development & Production of chassis components, such as sills, struts, cross members, A-pillar, roof rails
    • Development & Production of Engine components, such as cooling water and air charge pipes

Key Advantages:

    • Specialist in hydro forming as well as laser welding and laser cutting of hot formed parts (niche technology)
    • High efficiency (quick response time, high flexibility, short lead times)
    • High return on investment (cost-quality leader)


        • Aluminum wire for fasteners with a diameter range of 0.10mm up to 25mm (0.0040 inch - 0.98 inch) in different alloys and conditions, based on customer specifications
        • Product Development Services and Support
        • Aluminum drawn profiles for heat exchangers (Plate and Bar Coolers)

    Key Advantages:

        • Consistent high quality
        • Wide range of Aluminum alloys
        • Extensive experience and development competence


      • Cutting tools, specialized for composite materials
      • Engineering services for production planning

    Key Advantages:

    • Pioneer in composite cutting tools
    • Long service life
    • Patented design minimizes post treatment
    • Excellent reputation/ Award-winning tools


    Engineering service specialized in chassis development

    Key Advantages:

    • Specialized in chassis development with focus on lightweight
    • Complete development from design & calculations to prototypes & testing to production planning incl. supplier management


    Engineering service with expertise in development of lightweight structures with all kind of materials (aluminum, steel, composite, hybrid, ...)

    Key Advantages:

    • Specialized in design and simulation of lightweight structures
    • Expertise in design of instrument panels, center consoles and door trims
    • Longtime experience in designing battery


    • Optical Systems for brazing and welding of body in white
    • 3D metal printing systems up to volume of 3 cubic meter
    • diode laser for medicine application
    • beam profiling for LCD production
    • sealing strips and caulking wires for gas and steam turbines

    Key Advantages:

    • Fully automated joining process with seam tracking tactile by filling wire or remote seam tracking without filling wire
    • Fastest and cost-effective 3D-metal printing process
    • Higher efficiency, precision and quality in the manufacturing process
    • Tailor made systems including process consulting and in process quality control


    • Press systems for composite materials: fiber-reinforced plastics; FRP/steel hybrids
    • Worldwide sales, support & maintenance services

    Key Advantages:

    • Schuler has extensive experience in producing presses for automotive applications
    • Highly customizable FRP press systems with highest output
    • Low part rejection
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Low maintenance effort and user friendly
    • Turnkey production systems from a single source
    • Worldwide service network


      • CFRP/GFRP Inspection
      • Battery inspection
      • Surface Inspection
      • Weld Seam Inspection

    Key Advantages:

    • Production ready solutions for in-line inspection
    • Individually customized solutions
    • Worldwide Sales & Service network
    • Unique welding seam inspection system
    • Extensive experience in engine surface inspection
    • Highly innovative due to high R&D Budget


    Nadine Schieban
    Senior Manager, Market Entry Programs, Delegations & Events
    Tel.: +1 (312) 494-2180
    Email: schieban(at)

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    Meet our German companies

    The German companies offer innovative weight saving product and service solutions for the automotive industry, as well as develop inventive solutions for the processing and testing of lightweight products. Please click below to take a look at the company profiles.