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14.11.2018 - Washington, DC

GACC Apprenticeship Award 2018

The German American Chambers of Commerce are presenting the “Apprenticeship Awards” to honor the best and brightest apprenticeship programs aligned...

14.11.2018 - Detroit, MI

Integr8 - The Industry 4.0 Conference

Integr8 is a place to learn, a place to get inspired and a place to challenge the status quo. As technology changes the way we make things, we too...

14.11.2018 - Pewaukee, WI

DSSV German Career Day

Inspiring future leaders and current students to pursue German studies while presenting potential careers and opportunities for German speakers.

13.11.2018 - Chicago, IL

Partner Event: German-American Industrie 4.0 Conference

On November 13, a delegation of German Industrie 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing leaders is visiting Chicago in the context of the “Year of German-American...

12.11.2018 - Minneapolis, MN

The Impact of U.S. Mid-term Elections and November 4th Iran Sanctions Deadline on U.S.-EU Relations

Join us for an analysis on the current state of US-European relations presented by Tom Hanson on November 12, 2018.

08.11.2018 - Minneapolis, MN

Navigating the Late Cycle: How to Stay Invested in the Equity Market

Join us for a 2019 business outlook presentation on November 8th as we welcome guest speaker, Michel Melendez of J.P. Morgan.

07.11.2018 - Webinar

Successful Recruiting for German Subsidiaries in the US Market (with partner law firm Masuda Funai Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd.)

Join us for our webinar on Successful Recruiting for German Subsidiaries in the US Market with our partner law firm Masuda Funai Eifert & Mitchell,...

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