German American Chambers of Commerce to Honor Outstanding Transatlantic Companies

German companies in the US excel in digitalization, innovation and service

Chicago, IL, September 15, 2017 – The German American Business Awards, extended by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACCs), are one of the highest accolades in transatlantic business, recognizing companies for their exceptional achievements in digitalization, innovation, and service. A total of five GACC Awards in three categories will be presented at the national GACC Awards Gala in Chicago on October 13.

The 2017 winners are:

Excellence in Services:

Excellence in Services:

Excellence in Innovation:

Excellence in Innovation:

Buehler Motor, Inc.
(GACC South region)

(GACC Midwest region) 


(GACC New York region)    

Excellence in Digitalization:

Excellence in Digitalization:

"German-American business keeps growing thanks to our dynamic network of companies that lead the charge in fields such as digitalization. The GACCs serve as a catalyst for constant innovation and progress on both sides of the Atlantic, and we are proud to support business opportunities at the forefront of various industries,”
Caroll Neubauer, Chairman of the GACCs.

Excellence in Services

Mid-America Overseas, Inc. took the win in the Excellence in Services category for adding substantial value for their customers through the highest quality service in international transportation and logistics since 1976. The privately-owned, family business is constantly exploring new supply chain solutions to optimize the client experience, while focusing on longevity when it comes to relationships with their customers and their own workforce.

Excellence in Innovation

GACC South will honor Buehler Motor for their groundbreaking electric water pump that enables the automotive industry trend towards hybrid and electric vehicles, offering more power while consuming less energy than competitors. Paired with diagnostic feedback electronics, their pump has been awarded with countless prizes due to its innovative design that also meets the temperature and durability requirements of the automotive sector.

GACC Midwest recognizes Bosch for their Chicago Connectory space. Together with 1871, faculty from local universities and executives from Chicagoland corporations, the Connectory is much more than a co-working space. It offers a co-creation model that fosters collaboration, networking, problem solving, and a new way of doing work in the age of connectivity.

ESTENSIS will be recognized as the most innovative company from the New York region. ESTENSIS, established in the world-wide conference business for more than 20 years, is awarded for their intuitive scientific E-Poster system “Das Terminal”. Used in scientific conferences around the globe, their digital slide management system has transformed data presentation and presentation management for exhibitors and attendees alike.

Excellence in Digitalization

VisiConsult is the 2017 Winner of the Excellence in Digitalization Award. The family-owned business is a global leader in digital X-Ray inspection systems. As a supplier of high-end and customized inspection solutions, the VisiConsult development team focuses on automation, digitalization and innovations. By leveraging vast amounts of data via the cloud, their technology allows to transform the quality insurance process into a value providing process. VisiConsult is continuously invested in bringing forward innovations in digitalization, including through artificial intelligence, industrial robotics and machine learning.

“The GACCs are proud to honor these excellent companies, which underline the value German subsidiaries add to the US economy. Especially SMEs in the US deliver high quality products, technologies and services, and we are proud to see our community generate jobs and economic growth both in Germany and the US,”
Mark Tomkins, President & CEO of GACC Midwest.

Join us for an elegant night of celebration with our winners.