German American Chambers of Commerce to Honor Outstanding Transatlantic Companies

German American Business Awards Showcase German Companies’ Contribution to US Economy

Chicago, IL, October 9, 2018 – The German American Business Awards, extended by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACCs), are one of the highest accolades in transatlantic business, recognizing companies for their exceptional achievements in digitalization, innovation, and services. The national German American Business Awards will be held in Chicago’s South Loop on October 19th.

The 2018 Award Winners Are:

Excellence in Digitalization


Excellence in Innovation


Excellence in


“German-American business, spurred by a dynamic network of pioneering companies, continues to demonstrate strong growth. The GACCs serve as a catalyst for the steady innovation and progress of these businesses. We are excited to see the German American Business Awards 2018 under the umbrella of the Deutschlandjahr USA, Wunderbar Together” campaign,” shares Caroll Neubauer, Chairman of the GACCs.

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Excellence in Digitalization:

BBS Automation is the winner of the Excellence in Digitalization Award. The manufacturer of flexible automation and testing technology makes use of multiple machine design features that arose out of the age of digitalization, such as vision detection systems that provide a high-tech way of inspecting and verifying ‘critical to quality’ attributes, an automated Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) that provides necessary data relating to production cycles, graphical user interfaces (HMI), remote access for offsite support, and virtual / augmented reality. BBS is positioned well for the forthcoming Industry 4.0 revolution!

Excellence in Innovation:

Cleverciti Systems is the winner in the Excellence in Innovation category for its cutting-edge smart parking management technology. Its system was designed to help streamline parking operations across cities, enterprise organizations, retail and shopping networks, airports and more, and provides real-time information for drivers that directs them to open parking spaces. Its latest product, CIRC360, facilitates seamless and hassle-free parking through real-time identification of free and unoccupied areas, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. The messaging on the CIRC360 solution can also be customized to display smart city data, security notifications, marketing material and more.

Excellence in Services:

CHG-MERIDIAN USA Corp. took the win in the Excellence in Services category by minimizing their German American customers’ workloads by providing customized technology management solutions and associated financing, independent of manufacturers. Customers benefit from their hybrid approach, which brings together crucial expertise from the technical and commercial worlds to enable them to reduce the costs and risks while maintaining full transparency over business processes.

“German subsidiaries add substantial value to the US economy by delivering high quality products, technologies, and services. We are proud to honor companies which advance industries, provide jobs, and generate economic growth both in Germany and the US,” says Mark Tomkins, President & CEO, GACC Midwest.

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