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"As the US subsidiary of a German company, we often face communication challenges with our head office. Having an intercultural training session with GACC Midwest has brought our local management team to a new level of awareness on how to give or receive messages from HQ, how to prepare, communicate or understand a plan, and how to deliver a compelling argument in a presentation. Virginia Rounds is an engaging speaker and an excellent facilitator, leading good discussions and very effective training sessions".

Pablo Silber, General Manager, GELITA USA Inc.

“Our expectations for the business delegation trip “Energy Efficiency in Industry” were more than exceeded. The organization of the trip from the GACC Midwest team was especially outstanding. The presentation training held before the trip was particularly valuable to us. With the tips and tricks we learned, we were able to optimize our presentation and introduction of our company and products at the business conference that was held in conjunction with the trip, as well as at individual business meetings. In addition, the target market analysis we received before embarking on our trip served as a very interesting and well-prepared basis, which provided us with both relevant information regarding energy consumption and a good assessment of the market situation throughout the US. The on-site support from the GACC Midwest team, as well as their assistance at our meetings with customers, helped make our trip a success”.

Stefan Marshall-Goebel, General Manager, Arnold Glas, Corp.

“The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest in Chicago carried out two different studies on behalf of our company. The first one was a competitor analysis regarding frozen snacks and the second was a store-check analysis. In both cases, the team we were in contact with was very professional, effective and attentive to our expectations in order to target our specific need. We had the chance to work with a really flexible, reactive, open and motivated team. Our collaboration was great and we hope to keep working together to coordinate other projects in the future”.

Pauline Négrel, Key Account Manager Export, frostkrone Tiefkühlkost GmbH

"GACC Midwest has maintained our business presence in the US through a virtual office space since 2008. In February 2013, we built upon this collaboration by opening, with the help of GACC Midwest, our independent US subsidiary, Heyl Brothers North America L.P. The friendly and proficient employees of GACC Midwest support us in handling customer inquiries and orders, while also knowledgeably answering any and all questions about our products. Additionally, GACC Midwest has fully taken over the planning and coordination of our tradeshow presence. From administrative tasks such as designing our pavilion, to the actual legwork of representing Heyl Brothers in the course of the show, to following up with new contacts afterwards, we can rely on the expertise of GACC Midwest 100%. We don’t consider our contact persons at GACC Midwest to simply be contact persons any longer—rather, we’ve come to see them now as our own highly-engaged and highly-valuable colleagues in the US".

Jörg-Tilman Heyl, CEO, Heyl Brothers North America L.P.

“We used GACC Midwest's career services several times in the past, most recently for a very tough to fill purchasing and logistics position. What we appreciated most are their diligent efforts as well as openness and honesty regarding potential candidates. Peter-Lacke worked with multiple recruiters to fill positions quickly. In the end, there is only one recruiter we will consider and recommend in the future: GACC Midwest career services".

Michelle Chrysler, Finance Director, Peter Lacke USA

"I have been thoroughly impressed by the dedication, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail demonstrated by the employees of GACC Midwest. Above all else, the vast business know-how of this organization—accumulated over decades of activity in the German-American business realm—must be emphasized. With this experience at their disposal, it is possible for the employees of GACC Midwest to not only create promotionally-effective advertising material and independently maintain websites on your behalf, but to also research, contact, and work with your business partners both in person and on the phone in a highly effective manner—as if they were your own employees".

Maik Zwick, Business Manager, Ollendorf Mess-Systeme

“We were especially impressed with how well GACC Midwest planned and organized the delegation trip – more specifically, how well we were prepped for our business meetings and conference presentation in terms of the information about the peculiarities of the American market we needed to know, as well as how to best introduce our company to American industry experts with the presentation training. The meticulous selection of just the right contacts for our business meetings led us to find our new business partners in the US, which we couldn’t be happier about”.

Dr. Uwe Engelmann, CEO, CHILI GmbH

"The USA is one of the most important regions for GOM’s worldwide activities of implementing high-end optical 3D metrology for production and research. However, we often found that friction within our communication with our US partners led to misunderstandings and delays. Virginia Rounds from the GACC Midwest performed an intercultural training session at our headquarters in Germany. This training day included many eye-openers and offered interesting details of US business behavior compared to the German way. It was both informative and entertaining, and the complete team enjoyed this session. Today we clearly see an improvement in our communication by both accepting the US way and by deviating slightly from the typical German approach. We even can measure the reduction of delays and misunderstandings, especially within our technical support teams".

Dirk Behring, Director of Sales, GOM, Gesellschaft fuer Optische Messtechnik mbH

“Getting one-on-one meeting time with new clients in the US is not easy, however the GACC Midwest and the Export Initiative delegation program, which they organized to Michigan, has proven to be a great way for to get our foot in the door with new customers. The team at the GACC Midwest arranged high-quality one-on-one meetings on our behalf, resulting in us being able to submit project proposals much sooner than we had expected. We would definitely recommend taking part in the GACC Midwest’s programs to other German firms looking to sell products and services to manufacturers in the United States”.

Christian Goetz, Business Development Manager, North America, geff GmbH

“GACC Midwest's career services supported us in finding a business development manager for our newly established US subsidiary. Their work was very professional and we are highly satisfied with the outcome. We would welcome the chance to work with GACC Midwest regarding future recruiting needs”.

Reiner Föry, President, sitronic North America Corp

“Our assistant from GACC Midwest served as the perfect host during the IMTS by seamlessly attending to the needs of the visitors and guests to our booth”.

Ralph Ohmayer, Project Manager International Trade Shows Baden-Württemberg International

“Along with the decision to found a company in the US, we of course looked for an organization that would open doors for us and support the founding during the initial phases. With the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, we found a partner that helped us in a structured manner. In particular, the professionally prepared location search and contact to German-speaking attorneys and tax advisors was of great importance to us. The good cooperation with the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest is an excellent basis for our future business in the US”.

Oliver Borrmann, CEO, Hark Orchids LP

“We were very impressed with the collaboration and personal commitment that we had from the GACC Midwest employees. Their professional communication and approach allowed for a smooth collection of payments from our debtor for the amounts due. We would like to thank GACC Midwest for their great collaboration with us”.

René Stromberg, Strategic Supplier Relationship Manager, PSG Procurement Services GmbH

“The energy-efficient and green business delegation with a special focus on healthcare facilities was very beneficial to us. The individual B2B meetings were of very high quality and I am convinced that we will gain new customers through this delegation trip”.

Volker Massmann, International Sales Manager - Australia, Canada, Netherlands, USA, RAICO Bautechnik GmbH

“The GACC Midwest was commissioned as a transaction advisor for an internationally-oriented M&A project to find and mediate a buyer to acquire a German trading company in the iron and steel industry. The assigned team made a lasting, very positive impression by performing the assigned tasks with high technical and methodological expertise, as demonstrated in our cooperation”.

Dr. Detlef Brockel, Managing Director, Ecotec Consulting GmbH

“GACC Midwest was able to give us professional, comprehensive business advice. The site selection process was organized very well and exceeded our expectations. Through market research, and organized round trips to the USA, we were given an array of useful information – which GACC Midwest thoroughly analyzed. All of our questions were answered completely and we were also given strategic hints. Because of all this, our site selection and adaption phases were completed outstandingly”.

Thomas Niemann, Managing Director, Hochland Natec GmbH

“We enjoyed the perfectly organized program by GACC Midwest. We made lots of valuable contacts during the course of the trip at the business conference and at the various B2B meetings. The supportive and committed GACC Midwest team was a pleasure to work with”.

Jürgen Ruf, Chairman of the Board, media transfer AG

“MetallDIALOG Heilbronn was proud to host the Transatlantic Cluster Delegation in the field of Metalworking in November, 2016. This has allowed us to commence a beneficial dialogue with our counterparts from the US on topics such as: Education models for a skilled workforce, overcoming intercultural differences and, opportunities for collaboration. Many thanks to the GACC Midwest team for including MetallDIALOG Heilbronn into the dialogue and for the excellent catalyst towards new opportunities. We are looking forward to ongoing discussions”.

Patrick Dufour, CEO, Economic Development Corporation of the City and District of Heilbronn

“The GACC Midwest Transatlantic Metal Cluster delegation trip was a very eye opening experience. It provided me with valuable insights into the German Dual Vocational Education and Training Models that are so effective in Germany. A great example of this was when we toured the Schunk Educational facility where we were able to directly observe a live demonstration of the apprentices in training. As the Director of Workforce for Symbol Training Institute, the best practices learned here in Germany will have an impact on my future strategies and interactions with the local manufacturers and labor pool. The trip also was a great introduction to the very best that the German culture has to offer from its industry to the food and customs. All in all it was a very worthy trip and has positively impacted me”.

Tom Peters, Director of Workforce Development, Symbol Training Institute

“We had a very successful delegation trip to the Chicagoland area and were delighted with how targeted the business meetings were. Because of the success generated during the delegation trip we followed up with a stand-alone project conducted by GACC Midwest. They identified and evaluated prospective partners and organized a week full of business meetings with potential partners for us. This helped us to find our new reseller in the Chicagoland area – a great milestone for selling our products in the US.”

Kater Heine, USA Representative, geoKOAX GmbH

“Lower Saxony’s Minster of Economics, Mr. Olaf Lies, travelled with an almost 60-person economic and academic delegation to Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco in March 2017. GACC Midwest did a very good job in the planning and execution of the business delegation. Their local network was particularly valuable, which is described by Michael Frankenberg, CEO of HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, and also a delegation participant from Lower Saxony: “Through my participation in the “Mobility Goes Digital” Conference in Chicago, which was top-notched and organized excellently, I was able to make useful contacts and gather insights into the differences between European and North American markets. This awareness is particularly beneficial for HaCon which is a rapidly expanding company, currently gaining ground in the USA, as it provided us with the impetus for current and future projects with US partners and customers.” Not only were the conferences and the networking opportunities exceptionally organized, but so were the local company and institution site-visits, which allowed for a comprehensive view of the current developments and trends in industry 4.0 and digitalization, as well as in the automotive industry in the USA. In addition to the good reputation and expansive network of the GACC Midwest, we owe the positive feedback from our delegation participants to the superb commitment of the team.”

Pia-Felicitas Homann, Regional Director for North + Latin America, Hannover Chamber of Industry and Commerce

It was a pleasure working with the GACC Midwest to organize a German delegation visit to our North American headquarters in metro Detroit. As a company with roots in Germany, it was a great opportunity to engage with the organization and learn more about existing opportunities provided for members. We appreciated the close communication with the organization and found its programming especially insightful for our team, as it allowed us to connect with such an esteemed group of German professionals. We look forward to finding ways to collaborate with the GACC Midwest in the future.

Martin Richter, Vice President of Vehicle Systems at IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc.

“During the trip through Germany, I had the great opportunity to meet with Heiko Witte, Head of Engineering Improvement & Quality of Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG. On the following day, we not only toured through the Rolls Royce factory, but also heard a presentation about Rolls Royce’s endeavors in the fields of Industry 4.0 and digital design and manufacturing by Mr. Witte at the Brandenburg Metal Conference. Mr. Witte has great experience and insight into many different areas within Rolls Royce. We discussed the implementation challenges of a digital product development system. We both especially agreed that it is critical to help integrate small to mid-sized manufacturers into the next digital industrial revolution. Then, once integrated, the system productivity gains will be beneficial for all involved. Since Rolls Royce is a UI LABS/ DMDII Tier 1 partner in Chicago, it is even easier for us to continue, as well as deepen our collaboration here in the USA. However, the initial meeting in Germany was surely the catalyst to our current and future productive discussions”.

Scott Miller, President, The Innovation Machine

“I visited Germany as part of a Metalworking delegation from the Great Lakes region. It was motivating to meet a group of regional peers who are metalworking experts and enthusiasts. It was incredibly valuable for us to share and discuss our ideas and impressions with one another as we were exposed to German companies, concepts, and different ways of innovating. Our travels in Germany brought us to a few different areas where there is a long tradition of metalworking in manufacturing. We connected with industry stakeholders to exchange knowledge and understandings of the metalworking craft, best practices, emerging trends, training models, workforce development initiatives, and also to discuss opportunities for international collaboration.  This fantastic experience was made possible by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, as part of their Transatlantic Cluster Initiative”.

Melissa Menon, Talent/Community Engagement Manager, DARCO Manufacturing, Inc.

“We signed up for the Energy Efficiency in Food and Beverage Processing business delegation without having high expectations. Our main objective for the trip was to evaluate the US market and assess the importance that US companies in the industry place on energy savings. Our expectations were greatly surpassed. The quality of the business meetings and the insights gained, positively influenced our decision to access the US market with our product lines. Both the business conference and the organization of the entire delegation trip were excellently prepared and carried out. Our experience with the GACC Midwest was very positive throughout the whole process. We want to thank them once again.”

Thomas Mauritz, Export Manager, Raab-Group (Raab, Kutzner + Weber, NET)

“As the Senior Executive President of Sick International GmbH, I participated in the “Energy Efficiency in the Food and Beverage Industry” business delegation in May of 2017. Initially, I was skeptical as I had never participated in such delegation organized by GACC prior to this. But the experience positively surprised me. The organization and the overall structure of the delegation was well thought out and thereby led to a successful delegation trip. The delegation and the client contacts made during this week led us to put into motion the formation of a Chicago subsidiary with the continued support of the GACC Midwest. The GACC Midwest team surprised me with their outstanding engagement throughout the entire delegation. It was an all-around perfectly organized delegation trip.”

Peter Purrmann, Senior Executive President, Sick International GmbH

"I first became aware of GACC Midwest due to a recommendation. We had been searching for a potential partner in the US for a long time. The collaboration with GACC Midwest helped us achieve our goal, and now our first successful year is behind us. From the very beginning, GACC worked thoroughly to understand our aspirations and provided intensive research. The support from first coming into contact with our US partner up until the final contract was in all regards extremely positive."

Katharina Christ-Schmid, CEO, WERNER CHRIST

“Alexanderwerk AG entered the US market almost 25 years ago. Last year we decided to invest further into this important market for pharmaceutical machinery and got in touch with GACC Midwest.
With GACC Midwest, we found a reliable partner who supported us in various ways over the course of the last 12 months. GACC Midwest conducted a comprehensive market research and competitor analysis, connected us with leading American Universities, successfully recruited two National Sales Managers and a Field Service Technician and set-up a Chicago-based virtual office presence to further broaden Alexanderwerk’s footprint in the Midwest. We appreciated the ability to obtain support across such a range of services without having to identify, evaluate and work with several different service providers.
Throughout the whole collaboration process we were impressed by the team’s high level of professionalism and motivation as well as the positive results they achieved. Visiting the GACC Midwest office almost became an essential component of my regular US visits.
As a GACC member company, we are proud to be part of this extraordinary German-American business network.”

Dr. Alexander Schmidt, CEO, Alexanderwerk AG, and Director & President, Alexanderwerk Inc.

“GACC Midwest conducted a market research for us. The results became the basis for our US market entry strategy. We were very impressed by the performance of the GACC Midwest employees. They quickly acquired a well found knowledge about our products, and the personal contact during the research and presentation delighted us. We would love to work with GACC Midwest again in the future.”

Renate Klotzbücher, Internal Sales Manager, TANOS GmbH

“I accepted the invitation to travel to the US at the initiative of LEG Thüringen, because they brought a potential client for a brown field investment to Thuringia. Despite not having much time, the goal for me was to pay this client a return visit in Detroit. In the meantime, this is my client working in the field of repair and logistics for the European market. In addition, I attended several knowledgeable meetings, interesting lectures and visits of small and big companies and a political and cultural program. I was very impressed by the professional organization and execution of the trip by GACC Midwest and LEG Thüringen. This is an enormous relief for the participating companies, because they only have to deal with the content during this week, and not the where and how. In the meantime, I have participated in three trips, and collected a pile of business cards. Also from traveling with companies from Thuringia, I gathered more than ten interesting leads and three new concrete projects.”

Ralph Zühlsdorff, CEO, Logatec GmbH


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