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The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest is your trusted partner on the path to finding the best location for your business in the USA. Our intercultural, bilingual team offers in-depth knowledge of the structural characteristics of the US market. With a search customized to your needs, we can independently and objectively find the location for your company.

Due to our continuing relationship with German companies that have already established a US presence, we have special insight into the complexity of the site selection process and know that it requires the support of an experienced and independent partner on-site.

Our broad network of members, contacts, and clients, including a number of experienced and bilingual attorneys, tax advisors and other key service providers focusing on transatlantic business, makes our team your perfect partner in finding the ideal site for your US presence.

We have helped German companies, as well as American companies with German ties, successfully conduct transatlantic business for over 50 years. We want you to profit from our vast experience in, and knowledge of, the US business environment by locating the best possible site for your organization. Our team is specialized in establishing your company in the US market as well as representing and supporting you through the entire transition process.

“Along with the decision to found a company in the US, we of course looked for an organization that would open doors for us and support the founding during the initial phases. With the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, we found a partner that helped us in a structured manner. In particular, the professionally prepared location search and contact to German-speaking attorneys and tax advisors was of great importance to us. The good cooperation with the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest is an excellent basis for our future business in the US”.

Oliver Borrmann, CEO, Hark Orchids LP

Our Services

We provide a broad and objective analysis service based on your individual catalogue of search criteria for your ideal US location. In any given site selection process, a multitude of stakeholders (economic developers, real estate agents, attorneys, tax advisors, etc.) are involved which can complicate the process. For this reason, site selection requires a partner experienced in the US market. 

We are able to help you navigate through this complex process by communicating on your behalf with all involved parties. In doing so, we enhance our ability to protect your interests and support your specific requirements and preferences.

Throughout the process, you will receive concise summaries of the information we collect and evaluate. Because the flood of information can be overwhelming in its raw form, we prepare all of the information for you and pare the data down to a reasonable volume, enabling you to make informed decisions easily. Together with our service providers, we are able to answer your questions in various fields of expertise e.g. financing, securities, and tax burden.

By channeling communications through us, you initially remain anonymous in order to objectively identify the best available offers. While you will have complete information throughout the process, we will introduce you to the interested applicants by name only when the selection process is in an advanced stage. Thus your plans remain confidential longer, and through the targeted competition, the conditions and your negotiation position become even better.

Site Selection Process

  • Initial analysis and comparison of markets and clusters in various states for the identification of target regions (infrastructure, overhead costs, availability of qualified personnel, economic subsidy possibilities, state-based incentive programs)
  • Support in the development of your location criteria catalogue and distribution to economic developers for each state
  • Analysis and comparison of eligible real estate (land or buildings) in your preferred states
  • Organized visits to sites under consideration: scheduling, logistics within the US, contact between participants, and GACC Midwest staff to accompany you on site visits.
  • Representation of your interests vis-à-vis public incentive programs together with attorneys and/or tax advisors

Project Follow Up

We are pleased to further support you after your selection of a location in order to ensure a successful start for your business operations in the US. Together with our network of experts, we support you in founding a subsidiary as well as other bureaucratic tasks such as opening a bank account and taking out appropriate insurance policies. In the final stage, we can assist you by clarifying customs questions and import regulations while also offering support in recruiting staff as well as the re-location of your German employees.


Gerrit Ahlers

Director, Consulting & Corporate Development Services


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