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In the past few years, the U.S. market has become increasingly more attractive for German companies who are looking for investment opportunities. Many German firms have come to the conclusion that the massive potential of the U.S. market can best be addressed with a facility on the ground.

The closer proximity to customers and suppliers significantly lowers shipping times and costs, making it possible to adapt product lines quickly and easily to the needs and the demands of U.S. customers. In order to set up efficient operations on the ground, companies face the decision between a green field project (site selection) and an acquisition of an existing firm. The latter has a number of strategic and operational benefits.

Through the cooperation with GACC Midwest you will profit from our broad experience and knowledge of the market conditions in the U.S. We specialize in identifying companies that match your strategic plans for the U.S. market and qualify for long-term cooperation. Besides the technical and economic criteria, cultural difference are a decisive factor to consider before completing an acquisition. GACC Midwest can accompany on-site visits and negotiations between seller and buyer until the closing, and we can serve as a link to other key partners in the process, particularly our members that provide expert support for legal, financial and other aspects of a successful deal.

Our Services

GACC Midwest has broad experience and knowledge of the market conditions in the U.S. and in Germany. In our role as an advisor, we help to develop and execute strategies for successful acquisitions. Our focus is to help our clients find a seller or a buyer that provides a platform for future growth. In buy-side projects, we focus not only on companies that have expressed an intention to sell, but also but also identify companies based on determined synergies between both firms. These commonalities could include a similar technology, complementary equipment and fixed assets, as well as a highly-skilled workforce, knowing that these factors will be crucial for the success of the consolidated firm. In our role as the official representative of the German industry abroad, abroad, we can proceed from a neutral perspective and are taken seriously by the contacted companies, thus sparking their interest.

The M&A Process

  • If not already accomplished, research of success factors for the market entry in the U.S.
  • Support in the development of your location criteria catalogue for the new U.S. operations. In the process, we conduct business analytics regarding infrastructure, product line, workforce, customer base, industry reputation, distribution and sales channels as well as economic figures (e.g. Revenue, EBIT, EBITDA, typical industry multipliers, size of acquisition)
  • Identification, analysis and comparison of companies according to the established requirements
  • Identification and establishment of contact to decision makers inside or outside the target company (directors, shareholders, external investors, etc.)
  • Company presentation and formation of a relationship of trust with stakeholders and shareholders
  • If desired, on-site visits and inspection of the building, machinery and production capabilities
  • Obtain financial statements and customer lists
  • Organization of on-site visits and negotiations between seller and buyer
  • Representation of your interests’ vis-à-vis public incentive programs together with attorneys and/or tax advisors.
  • Advice during the process until closing

Project Completion

We are pleased to further support you after the M&A process in order to ensure a successful start of your business operations in the US. We also offer support when it comes to recruiting, matchmaking with potential business partners and site selection for future growth.


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