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Is your company looking for new contacts or strategic partners to market your products or services in the US?

Searching for ideal business partners in the US can be a time-intensive and challenging experience, mainly due to the geographic distance from Europe, but also to the sheer size of the US market, language barriers, differences in time zones, and in business cultures.

GACC Midwest offers an efficient and practical solution to help companies successfully establish their business activities in the US through a targeted partner search. An individual business partner search features both research and critical evaluation of sales and distribution partners.

Contact to potential partners takes place via our knowledgeable interdisciplinary project team who communicates directly with decision-makers at US companies.

We can either concentrate on research partners nationwide or certain regions in this process – all according to your needs and desires.

Our Services

We research potential business partners based on your target market and requirements for the partners. Through phone and/or personal conversations with the companies, we are able to identify the right contacts and assess their interest in your products and services.

The objective of the business partner search is to schedule concrete initial meetings with the potential partners as well as to create a basis for further business relationships. A business trip to the US is recommended in order to get to know the business partners face-to-face.

A Business Partner Search Includes the Following Selection and Evaluation Steps:

  • Support in defining the target group
  • Research of possible partners within the defined target market (initial selection)
  • Crafting of a customized written approach to the potential partners or a company presentation that highlights your unique selling points in the US market
  • Approach of the researched business partners through telephone and/or personal conversations (refined selection)
  • In the selection of your partners, we pay attention not only to fit in terms of products and qualifications, but also to the interest in a cooperation. Our focus in this is clearly set on quality instead of quantity.
  • Creation of partner profiles, presentation of results and arranging a direct contact between you and the potential partner
  • After successful completion of the business partner search, we can take on long-term representation and support of your US business through a virtual office.

Additional Options:

  • Brief market study in preparation for the business partner search. Through this study, the target region, market potential, competition and distribution strategies, etc., can be evaluated and defined in advance.
  • Support in the development and execution of a sales strategy
  • Adjustment of marketing materials for the US market
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Travel preparation
  • Accompanying you to business meetings
  • Coaching in American sales style
  • Presentation training

Our Network - Your Advantage

The GACC Midwest’s three main functions as trade commission, membership association and professional consultancy form a unique platform for bilateral trade between Germany and the US. 

Acting as the official trade promotion arm of the German government, we combine various services for transatlantic trade in a highly customized manner for our clients.

With over 50 years of experience with business practices in the US and Germany, we have developed a broad network of GACC Midwest members and clients. Our network includes several experienced and bilingual attorneys, tax advisors or other key service providers, who accommodate the needs of companies that are focusing on transatlantic business relationships. Constant collaboration and communication among the numerous AHK locations in the US and the Chambers of Commerce in Germany assure the most efficient flow of up-to-date data and experience in order to satisfy our client’s needs.


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