Coaching for Intercultural Teams & Managers

For over 50 years, we have provided German and American companies with market entry services to help them successfully conduct transatlantic business. As a result of our continuing relationship with German and US companies, we know that even for those with transatlantic experience, there remains the complex task of integrating German or US employees into an international work environment. From the first meeting between potential business partners, to the daily work of an established subsidiary, we have witnessed a great number of success stories, but there have been an equally great number of challenges as well.

To help facilitate the integration of your employees into the international environment, GACC Midwest offers coaching services for intercultural teams and managers in a wide variety of situations. Each program is targeted to the specific situation, and will be fully customized to your needs.

We want to help you profit from our vast experience in the US and German business environments by sharing our knowledge regarding cultural differences between Germany and the US. Our intercultural and bilingual team specializes in effectively building German-American business relationships and facilitating your market entry by representing and supporting you and your employees throughout the process.

"As the US subsidiary of a German company, we often face communication challenges with our head office. Having an intercultural training session with GACC Midwest has brought our local management team to a new level of awareness on how to give or receive messages from HQ, how to prepare, communicate or understand a plan, and how to deliver a compelling argument in a presentation. Virginia Rounds is an engaging speaker and an excellent facilitator, leading good discussions and very effective training sessions".

Pablo Silber, General Manager, GELITA USA Inc.

Coaching for American executives who will be working with German companies

For American executives who will be working with German companies we provide a 90-minute overview of some of the key differences that are most commonly experienced in a business environment. Topics include meetings, presentations, decision making, manager-subordinate relationships, socializing with clients and colleagues, and more. Regional differences within the target country are addressed as well. These sessions can be done in person or over the phone.

Coaching for German executives in the US

For German executives already working in the US we provide customized programs based on their experiences so far. Topics depend heavily on the responsibilities of the person; performance reviews and feedback are areas rife with misunderstandings, and we often recommend including them. Sessions typically run 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on specific needs and target areas.

Coaching for mixed groups of German and American employees

For mixed groups of German and American employees we most commonly provide a 90-minute program focused on the actual experience of the employees. Sessions typically cover “common” courtesies including greetings, showing respect, decision-making, feedback styles, socializing, jokes and humor, political correctness, and other areas as needed. In a group setting, the trainer focuses on eliciting information and explanations from the participants wherever possible, so that they take an active role.

About the Trainer

Virginia Attaway Rounds is director of consulting services at GACC Midwest. Since she started in 2007, she has worked extensively with over 50 German companies on various projects, and has witnessed – and helped correct – innumerable forms of miscommunication.

Before joining GACC Midwest, she worked in Berlin for three years, teaching English and communications to German executives at clients including Siemens, Continental Temic, Axel Springer Verlag, and more.


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