Energy Storage Trade Mission from Germany

February 14-16, 2018 | Chicago, IL

Renewable energy sources supply over 30% of the power in Germany. The high base of installed renewable energy capacity as well as a large number of innovative local companies, makes Germany one of the world’s leading markets for regenerative energies with a significant presence of stakeholders across the entire energy storage supply chain. 

Between February 14 and 16, we are hosting an Energy Storage Trade Mission. A delegation of German company representatives will be visiting the Chicago region to gain insights from US energy storage market experts and explore partnership opportunities in 1-on-1 meetings. If you are interested in meeting our German participants presented below please contact us.

Meet our German company representatives

Our delegation will consist of the following companies:


Aactio GmbH
Aactio and Scada Minds have teamed up to combine an agile and energetic team whose passion is to create solutions through intelligent and creative use of data. They enable the renewable energy sector to optimise production, reduce cost and turn data into information that supports decisions.

"Our secret ingredient is a unique spectrum of experience, which starts where lines of codes come flying out; over architecture and requirement specification, ending on a business level; where our technical excellence is turned into a valuable reality. We believe in making a difference by being able to navigate, and advise about, the entire spectrum from technology to business.
We have a semi-romantic relation to making complex, mechanical systems simple. A romance we’ve enjoyed for many years in the wind industry."

Electrochaea GmbH

Electrochaea is developing a disruptive grid-scale energy and carbon storage technology. Their power-to-gas (P2G) process converts CO2 and low-cost or stranded electricity into pipeline-grade synthetic natural gas (SNG) for direct injection into the existing natural gas grid. Their solution combines low operating cost and capital cost with great scalability and operational flexibility.

Heindl Energy GmbH - Gravity Storage

Gravity Storage by Heindl Energy is an innovative, cost effective way to store large quantities of power.  Gravity Storage hydraulically lifts a large rock mass to store 8 GWh or more of on-demand power. The system sets itself apart from conventional pumped storage plants by using considerably less water and by resolving the need for elevation. Gravity Storage calculates with a capex of less than 200 USD/kWh depending on the size of the rock.

Max Bögl Group
Max Bögl is now setting new standards in the energy storage industry. The water battery is an innovative storage medium for renewable energies, which can absorb surplus electricity from the grid and discharge it on demand. As a high-performance short-term storage solution, the water battery is ideal for balancing fluctuations in power networks. When required, the pumped storage power plant provides electricity within 30 seconds and feeds the stored energy back into the grid. The water battery enables us to participate in all electricity markets in a flexible and quick way.

Netzanschlussplanung - Grid Connection Planning
Netzanschlussplanung offers all services related to the grid connection, combining the viewpoint of a developer and a utility. This allows them to streamline the process and deliver state-of-the-art and manufacturer-independent engineering solutions. “We set standards for the planning and implementation of energy storage projects in a cost-effective manner."

Stornetic GmbH

Stornetic develops and produces the EnWheel®, a flywheel energy storage system with a carbon fibre high speed rotor technology. The EnWheel® is a durable, load cycle resistant and temperature insensitive short term storage system for stationary applications. Stornetic also supplies DuraStore®, a plug-in storage system scalable from kW to MW. Beside ancillary services, Durastore® can also be used for microgrid and wind-firming applications. In combination with power plants this technology increases the power plant flexibility and agility enabling the supply of more valuable frequency regulation services.


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