German American Bio Energy Business Conference

Turn Waste Streams into Revenue

GACC Midwest hosted a Business Conference on Bio Energy in Madison on Tuesday, June 03, 2014.

Those who attended the conference were able to learn about innovative organic waste management technology solutions, recent and future market developments, and new business opportunities.

With over 76,000 farms and 1,000 food processing facilities across the state, Wisconsin has enormous potential to turn organic waste into home-grown clean energy. In Germany, the industry has seen record growth over the past decade, allowing German companies to develop extensive experience in converting organic waste into energy.

The Conference explored the utilization of organic waste streams from farms, food processing facilities, municipalities, and waste water treatment plants, among others. American and German industry and policy experts were on-hand to answer questions from the audience.

Those who attended the conference discovered:

  • Innovative technologies and best practices to turn organic waste into energy
  • Policies that create new jobs and facilitate rural development by providing additional income streams for local communities, farms, and businesses
  • Synergies and partnership opportunities with our visiting German companies
  • Networking opportunities with American and German industry and policy experts

Those who attended the conference included:

  • Technology providers working in the waste management field
  • Representatives of waste and sewage facilities
  • Farm and industry representatives planning to improve their waste streams
  • Policymakers and other stakeholders with an interest in the organic waste industry

Date & Venue

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
8:00am - 3:00pm

H.F. DeLuca Forum - Room 1255
The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
330 N. Orchard Street
Madison, WI 53715

Event Impressions

Conference Agenda




Words of Welcome

  • Mark Tomkins, Vice President, GACC Midwest
  • Dr. John Gatto, President of the Wisconsin Chapter of GACC Midwest
  • Joseph Parisi, Dane County Executive


Bio Energy in Germany - Policies and Lessons Learned


Panel Discussion and Q&A

  • Moderation: Corinna Jess, Manager, Clean Energy Projects, GACC Midwest


German Company Presentations

  • BTS Biogas GmbH - Dr. Thomas Trendelenburg, Director of Business Development USA
  • Streisal GmbH - Russell Polansky, Manufacturer’s Representative


Break and Networking 


German Company Presentations (continued) 


Lunch and Networking


Bio Waste Management in the U.S. - Policies, Markets, and Opportunities


Panel Discussion and Q&A 

  • Moderation: Corinna Jess, Manager, Clean Energy Projects, GACC Midwest


Conclusion and End of Conference


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Director, Consulting Services & Trade Missions
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