Industries in the Midwest

The Midwest is primarily known for its industrial sector, but it is also strong in the service sector. The high concentration of businesses in a variety of industries makes the region an excellent location for German companies that are looking for export markets, business partners, and investment opportunities.

The Chicago Board of Trade and the number of corporate headquarters in Chicago make the city highly important in the financial world. The region is very strong in machinery and automation, especially for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Other important industries include medical technology, pharmaceuticals, plastics, packaging, and food processing. Chicago is a main hub for highway, rail, and air transportation, making it a center of the logistics industry.

In addition to these traditional industries, renewable energy and environmental technology play a large role. Increasingly strict environmental regulations and a growing environmental consciousness are causing a number of cities, esp. Chicago to adopt sustainable urban planning. This planning is critical, given that the city’s infrastructure and building stock are both inefficient and aging, and the metropolitan population is rising. These circumstances provide a huge opportunity for German companies.

With our expertise and extensive network of contacts in various industries, we are well positioned to advise companies entering the market.

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