JOINT SUCCESS – Expat Partner Services

The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc. offers individual support for people accompanying their partners on an international assignment.

International assignments can present challenges not only for the expatriates but also for their spouses and families. The successful integration of an accompanying spouse into the new environment is the most critical success factor and requires both careful preparation as well as a strong support structure in the new assignment country.

Most assignments fail due to integration issues with the family or spouse. The number of dual career couples as well as accompanying children in higher grade levels is increasing tremendously, which can cause major issues for your employee’s success in the U.S. The spouse seeking a job or continuing education, the child’s school transfer, establishing a social network as a family and adapting to cultural differences can affect the expat and the overall success of their international assignment. To prevent high costs caused by the preliminary return of your expat, the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACCs) provide support to further your company’s success.

The GACCs provide a range of services to ensure that your employees’ spouses and family receive the support they need to reach their personal goals.

With more than 60 years of experience in bringing the U.S. and Germany together, the GACCs understand the particular challenges faced by the expatriate community in the U.S. Our intercultural expertise, vast experience and wide network enable us to provide tailored services that meet your personal needs and to support you effectively at all stages of the international assignment.

1. Pre-departure

Pre-departure consultation via Skype or telephone to identify personal needs, plans and goals for the time in the U.S. and to discuss initial ideas and suggestions.

2. Arrival in the U.S.

Post-arrival individual consultation focused on three areas:

  • Job search assistance
  • Education an university
  • Volunteering and community engagement 

Why Joint Success?

With a network spanning all of the United States and Germany, the GACC Midwest can provide personal and individual consultation for your expat partners and families with regards to the most important issues surrounding international assignments.

Job Search Assistance:

  • Individualized one-on-one consulting
  • Advice on job search strategy
  • Resume and cover letter optimization
  • Individual interview trainings
  • Networking opportunities

Education & University:

  • Detailed information on possibilities
  • Assistance in choosing the right major/school Information on admission processes
  • Individual consulting on school transfers for children

Volunteering & Community Engagement:

  • Identify opportunities based on individual interests
  • Volunteering possibilities
  • Social activities
  • Access to social networks


Justin Flaxbart
Senior Manager, Recruiting & Consulting Services
Tel.: +1 (312) 644-3369
E-Mail: flaxbart(at)

Bettina Hannemann
Manager, Recruiting & Consulting Services
Tel.: +1 (312) 665-0980
E-Mail: hannemann(at)