• The intern will be involved in all aspects of the development, implementation and management of German-style apprenticeship programs in the US, including their certification. These processes typically include certification of program framework and content as well as the development, adaption, implementation and management of mid-term and final examinations for apprentices, based on original exams every apprentice in Germany takes.

  • The intern will learn first-hand about issues surrounding workforce challenges, apprenticeships and HR strategies of companies in the U.S. Also, the intern will be given insight into the education system of the U.S. and the challenges the U.S. currently faces.

  • The intern will also gain insight into our extensive services offered for participating companies in the context of managing and running our ICATT apprenticeship program.

For more information about our Skills Department, please visit our Skilled Workforce Homepage.

Specific Requirements

  • An understanding of the German education system in general and especially the German apprenticeship system is required. In addition, an interest in the US education system and a general understanding of fundamental business concepts and HR strategies is necessary.

  • Interns should have the ability to use research techniques effectively to gather market intelligence.

  • For this internship, strong technical and organizational aptitude and affinity is necessary. Interns should be interested in the development and implementation of Quality Management Systems.

  • Very strong English skills are an absolute requirement.

Next available start date for a Skills Department internship

  • March/April/May 2019
  • January 2020

To Apply

We encourage applicants from Germany to write a cover letter in English and those from the U.S. to write a cover letter in German.  

Selection activities commence six months before the start date.

March/April/May 2019
January 2020